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November 2017:  Vizsla fans on Facebook identified ~1 year old "Holly" as a possible vizsla mix.  Holly was a a very pregnant stray and she was in a Louisiana high-kill shelter.  Holly's Facebook fans pleaded for someone to rescue her and Airsong's Angels answered the call. 

Holly was pulled from the shelter and released to our rescue.  She received vet care immediately upon arrival at Airsong's Angels and throughout her residency in rescue. Rather than having her babies in a shelter or being put down, Holly was able to whelp her puppies in the loving home of Airsong's Angels founder, Kat Harrington.

Holly, though nearly a puppy herself, was a great momma to her pups.  7 healthy puppies were born on December 19, 2017: 4 males (Rudy, Clarence, Buddy, Ralphie) and 3 females (Cindy-Lou, Zuzu, Clarice).  

The puppies have been raised in a loving home with adults, children and other dogs.  They have their momma's sweet disposition.   As Holly was a stray, we don't know the breed(s) of the puppies Daddy.  Our best guess is that the pups' Daddy was a shepherd/lab mix.  

You can see photos and videos of Holly and the puppies on Facebook:


The puppies have sweet vizsla-like dispositions.  A foster-to-adopt or adoptive homes are still needed for Clarice, Zuzu and Rudy.


------ The Fine Print ------

To abide by GA agriculture rules, adopters must agree to spay/neuter the puppies and must provide Airsong's Angels with copies of all veterinary records, including certificate of spay/neuter.  Once spay/neuter certificate is received, owners need not continue to provide vet records, though adopters are required to alert Airsong's Angels of any health or behavioral issues with the dog.  

We are accepting applications from families in the Greater Georgia Area  All adoptive families will be subject to a phone interview and a home visit conducted by an Airsong's volunteer.


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For more information about adopting through Airsong's Angels and to see which of the Airsong's Christmas Movie Stars are available for adoption, check out our Adoption page.

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