About Our Founder - Kat Harrington

So who exactly is Kat Harrington?

To understand the depth of Kat’s love of animals you have to go way back to when she was just 16 years old, living at her childhood home in rural Mississippi. Even at that young age she was already lovingly taking in strays that found their way to her, vetting them and finding them new homes! 

Flash forward to today and she’s mom to three children and wife to Ray (affectionally known to all as “Grumpy” a Retired USAF Disabled Veteran) and they have currently settled in to life in Georgia….at least for now. Having lived all over the USA and Europe…no matter where she calls home…Kat has always provided a safe, loving environment to animals in need by being a “Foster Mom/Home” to so many animals she lost count long ago. 

Kat’s dedication is not limited by geographic boundaries. She’s helped animals in need during the 500 Year Red River Flood in Grand Forks, North Dakota, helped countless animals affected by Hurricane Katrina in her “claimed home” of New Orleans, LA, and even fostered for rescue while living in Germany. And it all started way back when, at age 13, she got her very first puppy for Christmas in 1982. Her heart has always belonged to her “babies”…whether personally hers or those in rescue.

Kat is very active and involved with a wide range of rescue clubs and proudly says that she and her home are owned by a crazy bunch of Vizslas (affectionately known far and wide as the “Harrington V-Mafia”), who range from young pups to a special 16-year-old senior. “Oldies”, as Kat calls them, hold a special place in her heart, and always will!

Not limiting herself to local rescues, Kat continues to expand her involvement with Vizsla rescues worldwide to use her expertise to help as may Vizslas in need as she can! She uses all forms of social media to provide guidance and help. From coast to coast all across the USA, from Great Britain down to Cypress, and Vizsla Rescue as far away as South America…if there is a need Kat is there to help. She participates in group discussions, gives expert advice and does all she can to help get brand new rescue groups up and running!

Since Kat can’t be involved with EVERY Vizsla Club, she focuses her energy on being an active member of the following specific clubs:

  • Deep South All Breed Obedience Training Club
  • South Louisiana Vizsla Club
  • Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta
  • Emerald Coast Vizsla Club

When Kat Harrington first exploded, like a ball of pure energy, into the Vizsla Rescue world it was whispered that she was “a figment of Carole Stout’s imagination”. However, with a rescue resume of over 20 years of experience already under her belt by that time, no one could ever deny that Kat has a heart bursting with passion and a love that knows no limits for ALL animals…and a huge piece of her heart will always be devoted to her love for the amazing Vizsla breed!

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